Monday, February 14, 2011

Do you Book Air Tickets ONLINE – Save Upto Rs.1000 on Every Transaction

Do You Book Air Tickets online ? Do you Really Save Money While Doing so ? You might be doing so , but NOT AS MUCH AS You can DO NOW with GO ibibo .
READ BELOW Only if You Seriously Want to EARN and SAVE Some Money While Booking Air Tickets
FEW Questions Which you may want to read below Reading the REAL MONEY SAVER PROGRAM
  • Do You Book Air tickets? – If Yes , This Program is for you.
  • Do You Know What is Meant by Referrals and Discount Coupons ? – If Yes, well you are good to go . If NOT , i am there to Explain you that Dont Worry :)
  • Do you Have Friends or Family Members Who Book Air Tickets too ? If Yes , Whoolaah , You can Earn and Save More and More Money Now :)
Now I will be Explaining you about the Program.
WELL this is GoIbibo’s Referral Program , With this you can Earn a lot of Money and Save too at the same time.
What is it all about ?
Well , Firstly Its an Invite Based System Only and Useful only if you book Air tickets.Once You get the Invite you can join the program.Once you are Signed up , you are good to go.Well now whenever you book air tickets you can save lots of money how ? see now
Well bcoz u r in the referral program and booking ticket you will Sure Shot get Rs.100 Cashback (This Rs.100 will be Given in your GOibibo account and You can CASH it OUT in your BANK account) Only Saved Rs.100 ? No MAN , its still more.Being a Visitor of FreeStuffInIndia.com , I will be Giving Each and Every Visitor a Discount Coupon Worth Rs.200 ( Yes Only FreeStuffInIndia.com’s Visitors would get these , nOT only once but as many as Discount coupons you want , i can provide you)
Well , You have Saved Rs.300 till now , and its lots more to go , If you See the Flight Ticket Rates Goibibo Has already Given Various Discounts on the Fare Price , on an Average you would get Rs.100 Discount.
Whats more ?  Whenever you book a Ticket You will be Getting a Tradus.in Voucher Worth Rs.1000 which can be redeemed on Minimum purchase of Rs.2995 , Isn’t this good , flat 1000 rupees off ?
So You Saved Approx Rs.1400 , WOW Isn’t This cool ? Even if You DONT consider Tradus Voucher , You have SAVED RS.400 Hard Cash , which you CANT on ANY other ONLINE Air Tickets booking site.
So Happy With That ? You Shouldn’t be coz there is lots more Where you can EARN alot of money (Hundreds , Thousands and even more)
How ??  Well  , You Remember Above i invited you to a Special Referral Program ? Yes that will Earn you more now.
Well After Joining the Program you will get LIMITED 20 invites which you can use for inviting your Friends and Family Members , You will Earn Rs.75 every time they book a ticket for themselves and they themselves will earn Rs.100 cash back , If Your Invited Friends , Invite their friends and if they book ticketsyou will earn Rs.50 , your friend will earn Rs.75 and The Ticket buyer will earn Rs.100 :D , Isn’t this cool.Not only this this chain Continues to UNLIMITED levels , YOU will be only Earning and Earning from this Program , You have NOTHING to lose.You can Cashout your commission in your bank account once you reach the minimum cashout level of Rs.1000
Here is the Referral Commission which you will be getting On Different Levels
EarningsEarning per tickets (Rs.)
Level 1100 (When you buy a ticket)
Level 275
Level 350
Level 440
Level 535
Level 630
Level 725
Level 820
Level 915
Level 10 Onwards5
Well This Is the INVITE only system so , all of you who BOOK tickets , Shoot me a mail on adeshjainj@gmail.comand i will tell you the steps to join.
PLUS , i Have lots and lots of Discount Vouchers for you all , Shoot me a Mail atadeshjainj@gmail.com and i will tell you how can you avail the voucher , REMEMBER , only those who join the above program and book tickets only on goibibo.com will get the Discount Vouchers.
For more Details and FAQs visit goibibo.com now

want the invitation for the goibibo refral program mail me adeshjainj@gmail.com

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