Monday, February 14, 2011

Bring Facebook to the Desktop

Need to be able to keep a closer eye on your Facebook activity? If browsing Facebook via the browser is not enough for you and you need more check out the Facebook Desktop client.  This unofficial Windows download will keep Facebook alive 24/7 in your windows task bar.
Here are some of the neat features the Facebook Desktop program has to offer:
  • Automatic login. Stay logged in until you log out! 
  • Notifies you of new messages
  • Notifies you of new wall posts
  • Notifies you of new pokes
  • Notifies your of new friend requests
The requirements are pretty basic too.  You must have Windows 2000, XP, Vista or 7, a Facebook account and the .NET Framework 2.0 from Microsoft.  That’s it.
Facebook Desktop Client
Want to give this great download a shot?  Go visit the Facebook Desktop website and download it right from the source. After authorizing the program with your profile, you will be one step closer to never missing a message on this social networking platform.

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