Saturday, January 29, 2011

how to get your name@facebook.com ( the new fb e-mail id )

this is done to upgrade your email... you have to click d button that says request invite !!
i hv already done it as seen in d screen shot ~~!!

AFTer you recieve the invitation which might take days !!

Upgrade to the new Facebook Messages

Now that you have received your invite it’s time to upgrade; again, refer back to my previous article for the procedure to do that. It’s super easy and once you click on the “Upgrade” button you will immediately be brought to the option to claim your Facebook email address extension. Here’s a screenshot:
Claim your facebook email address extension
Now click on the “Activate Email” button and you will immediately see:
Activate Your Facebook Email
go to your inbox and claim and activate your new XYZ@facebook.com
have any problem or clarification leave a comment or mail me.. thank you :))

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