Sunday, January 23, 2011

Vodafone Mobile Balance Transfer Trick 2011 (hacks & tips )

If you have a pre-paid account there is a very good chance that you will be familiar with this situation where you need just Rs.20 more of balance to make or continue that one important call.icon smile [ALERT] Vodafone Mobile Balance Transfer Trick
Vodafone has a feature which allows people to transfer Balance from one phone to another.
vodafone balance trick [ALERT] Vodafone Mobile Balance Transfer Trick

Using Phone Number:

Just dial the following number. “<phone number>” is the the number to which you want to send balance to. Also *20 is the amount of balance transfered.
*131*20*<phone number>#
If you want to request someone to transfer to you some balance, you can initiate that by dialling the following number.
*132*20*<phone number>#
Here the phone number inserted will be that of the person who you are requesting the transfer from. This will send the person a message about the balance transfer.
I think more than a trick this is a new feature for Vodafone mobile users. Also be aware of balance transfer charges which are Re 1.00 per transfer.
Note: This works only when both the numbers are Vodafone pre-paid account holders

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